The Seer's Network

“Before they were called prophets they were called Seers.” The Seers Network is designed for those called to function prophetically as Seers in the 21st Century. ANG seeks to re-establish the importance and effective ministry of the Seer. The Seer’s Network is an integral part of ANG. You will find relevancy of dreams and interpretations for full “Body” (The Body of Christ) ministry.


Interpretation of dreams is an important aspect of end-time ministry. It gives us insight for success which is mentioned in both the Old and the New Testament. It is important that we give revelation and insight to the Body of Christ as it is revealed in dreams.  It is for the success of the remnant, those who serve in end-time as ambassadors of Christ in these perilous times.


When we understand dreams we gain insight, insight that gives us the advantage of things presently happening and those things which are to come.  By providing this network, the Seer’s has the ability to give supply to the entire body of Christ. Meaning not one area of the Body of Christ will be void of what the Father is saying to us through dream interpretation and insights through the prophetic eyes of the Seer and this network.



New Prophetic Mentoring For Seer's

New prophetic mentoring for Seer's and those desiring understanding and interpretation in this season. Prophetic Empowerment is needed within the Body of Christ. Join our weekly session to maximize your prophetic potential.


Weekly Sessions Monday 8pm EST  



Sessions For: Those desiring to know more about the Seer's posture in the earth. Those who want to engage in prophetic discussion of dreams, visions and interpretation for this season. Those who want a place to exercise their gift for development.

Registration is required. Please contact me at: