Our network is a progressive network that brings the social interactive experience to a prophetic people who want more…


Our network connects like minded people, to foster community among believers and provide a platform for discussion and growth.


We seek to inspire, to reveal truth and expel myths that hinder the believer from reaching their highest potential.


And while the network’s purpose is to connect, provide camaraderie though social media it is also an outlet for sociability though interacting with one another on a personal and real life level. Although we are spiritual beings first and conduct ourselves knowing our final destination is heaven; ANG also encourages laughter and joy and happiness in expression. That is why each member is encouraged to share their life as much or as little as they would like, just as they would on any other social networking site. Our only aim in sharing is that we express ourselves, not that we ever share to belittle, berate or tear down one another.