Prayer Requests

Prayer Wall


This is our prayer wall. I have often wanted to go to Mecca and put my hand on the prayer wall there or stand before the Wailing Wall and lift up many prayers there. I do not know if I ever will, so I am creatining this space for you and I to visit and pray. To pray for those who are listed here, to list your own prayer request, or just to be draawn here daily as a reminder to pray.





Pray for 

The release of truth in the land


Freedom form the spirit of delusion, to remove its veil over the eyes of this generation


The Orphans of Kitale, Kenya Africa


Pray for peace in Jerusalem


Pray for the state of the Churches in America


Pray for the condition of the CHURCH everywhere. Pray for proper alignment and correction. Pray against the sin that is in the camp of the church. Pray that the leaders will give access to the apostle to bring correction. 



Please submit your prayer request and we will add you here to our wall. You can submit pictures of those you desire prayer for. Send us pictures or a video of your your prayer group praying over these prayers also. We will also post victories and testimonies of answered prayers on this network.

  • December 11, 2015 - posted by Apostle Norma Gray
    We are praying daily for the saftey and security of our regions.  We pray against random killings, mass shooting attacks on schools. government buildings and churches.